Audit & assurance

We offer our auditing services to the traders and industrialist of all size and nature. We strictly adhere to the audit norms to execute the audit work of our clients. We study the working systems, nature and volume of business and advise suitable charges and make valuable suggestions to promote efficiency and achieve better results at the same time. We make it a point that the auditing work is undertaken efficiently so that it does not raise superfluous queries and unnecessarily trouble the clients. We try to complete the audit work in the least possible time and minimal botheration to our patrons. Our auditing services include:-

Financial statement audit
Regulatory compliance & reporting
Assistance on capital market transactions
Independent controls & systems process assurance
Internal audit
Regular audits
Follow up audits
Consultation reviews
Special investigations


As a chartered accountant company, we promise to guide you in all tax planning. Taxation is a specialized area and hence requires great skill and accuracy. We have the necessary knowledge to carry out tax planning, administration, documentation and representation. Our taxation services include taxation on individual returns, tax planning, tax administration and corporate taxation. We helps clients and tax payers in areas like:

Business and individual tax planning, projections, and valuations, delivering value added services

Designing the best tax-structure for our clients, in compliance with the statutory regulations

Minimization of risks resulting in higher financial stability

We undertake tax representations before the revenue authorities for tax assessments of income tax and transfer pricing cases and any other such tax matters

We provide support in the areas of pan, tan and online tax credits view also.

Tax planning opportunities for clients domestic and expatriate tax expertise.

Regulatory services

Recent economic developments have brought about significant changes, especially in the government and financial services sector. Keeping up with the pace of change stemming from regulatory and legislative reform can be a daunting task. The financial market players are faced with increased regulatory demands on national and international financial centers. The regulatory services offers professional services with respect to the implementation of and the adherence to the financial sector’s regulatory framework.

We maintain interdisciplinary skills and have extensive expertise at audit, tax and advisory divisions. Our services are complete solutions that can be adapted and made available to your individual needs. We offers you a wide range of services as well as support with the application and interpretation of regulatory requirements in the following areas:-

Business licensing services
Disputes & litigation matters
Entity incorporation
Reporting services relating to portfolio investment scheme
Roc compliance
Valuation & verification of fixed assets/ inventory for government institution, large and small corporate.
Transition from cash based single entry accounting system to accrual based double entry accounting system for urban local bodies.
Process automation ensuring establishing e-audit trail and responsibility allocation.
Ifrs conversion

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